Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis. A case report

Montero Mora, P.; Domínguez Calderón, F.; Vigna García, A.

Revista Alergia Mexico 37(1): 29-31


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-5151
PMID: 2367805
Document Number: 366133
We present a case of chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis of the chronic diffuse kind. It began at eight months of age with lesions in plaque in the totality of the oral and nasal mucosa with affection of the nails. He received different treatment during ten years, without improvements. The diagnosis was established by clinical features en laboratory exams as follows: Skin test to Candida antigen and PPD antigen, direct smears, immunoglobulins and leucocyte random migration test. He received treatment with ketoconazole at an initial dose of 100 mg daily, and it was increased to 200 mg each day for a two years period, and then 100 mg every other day for an other year. Simultaneously, a Candida antigen stimulus treatment was used. We stress about the possibility of an immune enhancing role for ketoconazole as well as about that the correction of secondary immunodeficiency due to the chronic antigen stimulus.

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