Gravimetric and spectrophotometric determination of some phenothiazine and imidazole derivatives in coated tablets and tablets

Iliaszenko, J.; Sokołowska, M.; Paruszewski, R.

Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica 58(6): 411-413


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-6837
PMID: 12197611
Document Number: 531038
Two drugs in the form of coated tablets: Promazin (promazine hydrochloride) (1) and Thioridazin (thioridazine hydrochloride) (2), and tablets Clotrimazolum (clotrimazole) (3) were assayed gravimetrically and spectrophotometrically in the same process using complexes with ammonium molybdate. Stoichiometry of these complexes was established by elemental analysis and analysis of the incineration residue (MoO3). The complexes were subsequently characterized using their IR and UV spectra and melting points. The active substances of the complexes were also determined spectrophotometrically. Using this method Beers Law was found to hold for the concentration ranges of 5-40 microg/ml (complex of 1), 5-60 (microg/ml (complex of 2) and 2-10 microg/ml (complex of 3). The method was validated in terms of precision, linearity, detection limit and quantification limit. The two methods of drug determination, used in a single analytical process verify each other.

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