Potential cardiotonics. 7. Synthesis and cardiovascular effects of 5- (4-pyridinyl) -, 6-methyl-4- (4-pyridinyl) and 6-methyl-5-phenyl-substituted 3-cyano-2-aminoalkylamino-pyridines

Hagen, V.; Rumler, A.; Klauschenz, E.; Hagen, A.; Heer, S.; Faust, G.; Mitzner, R.

Die Pharmazie 45(4): 240-241


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-7144
PMID: 2381972
Document Number: 366502
The title compounds were synthesized by treating of 2-chloro-pyridines 1-3 with the appropriate aminoalkylamines or piperazines. In isolated guinea pig atria some compounds showed greater positive inotropic activity than amrinone. Heart rate was decreased or remained unchanged. In anesthetized dogs some derivatives exerted a dose-dependent increase in myocardial contractility and, additionally, a decrease in blood pressure.

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