Studies on the role of L-alpha-amino-delta-hydroxyvaleric acid in the nutrition of the young chick

Leach, R.M.; Thompson, J.F.; Morris, C.J.

Journal of Nutrition 100(6): 611-614


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3166
PMID: 5453358
Document Number: 21007
Triplicate lots of 3 or duplicate lots of 5 chicks, selected from a group given an arginine-deficient diet to 7 days of age, were given for a further 7 days arginine-deficient casein-glucose diets, or an argininedeficient amino acid diet supplemented in each case with L- Alpha -amino- and delta and -hydroxyvaleric acid (AHV). The amino acid diet was based on starch and maize oil and the amino acid mixture corresponded to that of Dean and Scott (Abst. 192, Vol. 36), with modifications to the arginine level. Growth rate and kidney arginase levels were measured. The addition of AHV to the arginine-deficient casein diet improved growth rate significantly, but did not affect the birds on the amino acid diet, indicating that the effect is specific for the amino acid pattern of casein. When the lysine content of the diet was normal (1.12%) AHV reduced kidney arginase activity significantly. It is concluded that the mode of action of AHV may be similar to that observed with Alpha -aminoisobutyric acid which results in a growth response and reduction in kidney arginase activity under similar dietary conditions.

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