Effects of anti-ulcer drugs on humoral immunity

Malov, I.S.

Klinicheskaia Meditsina 69(10): 71-74


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-2149
PMID: 1766224
Document Number: 370752
The effect of cholinolytics in combination with antacids, belomet, solcoseryl and enterodes on humoral immunity was evaluated in 134 ulcer patients. Elevated levels of salivary secretory IgA and blood IgG, IgA, lowered blood IgD exhibited in ulcer exacerbation. Antibodies to oligopeptides isolated from the serum of ulcer patients occurred in 80.6% of the patients. Whatever the drug used, after-treatment levels of secretory salivary IgA and blood IgA dropped, blood IgD rose. Belomet treatment gave rise to higher titres of antibodies to oligopeptides. Solcoseryl, cholinolytics with antacids led to increased blood levels of IgM and reduced levels of IgG. Recovery of the indices occurred in patients on enterodes. It is stated that changes in immunity depend both on ulcer healing and direct action of antiulcer drugs.

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