Development of press-coated tablets with controlled-release effect with a base of poly-d (-) -3-hydroxybutyric acid

Korsatko-Wabnegg, B.

Die Pharmazie 45(11): 842-844


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-7144
PMID: 2100336
Document Number: 366728
A new drug delivery system with controlled-release effect based on press-coated tablets using poly-D(-)-3-hydroxybutyric acid (Poly-HB) is presented. Model investigations show that the coating of a drug containing core with an indifferent matrix consisting of Poly-HB, a channeling agent (sodium chloride, potassium nitrate or lactose) and the initial dose of the drug leads to a zero-order release kinetics. The system is applicable for oral and parenteral dosage of various drugs.

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