Nature, frequency and variability of health counseling by 7 pediatric physicians

Girardet, P.; Vaucher, A.; Frutiger, P.; Iten, A.

Archives Francaises de Pediatrie 47(2): 139-145


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-9764
PMID: 2327869
Document Number: 366716
A prospective study of health counseling was conducted in 7 private pediatric ambulatory settings. The frequency, duration, differences and contents of these advices are given. These latter were classified as systematic (given by the pediatrician), given (occasional), requested, preventive, or therapeutic, for statistical analysis. 1,703 counsels were registered during 1,503 consultations. 828 of them health counsels (HC) and will be reported here. Educational HC were the most frequent, followed by those concerning therapy, hygiene, immunization and nutrition. The mean counsel duration was 2 minutes. Their frequency and contents varied greatly among the 7 pediatricians. The content of the immunization counsels only was homogeneous. 22% of the HC were systematic, when 47% were requested. A better teaching of health counseling would further improve the credibility and efficacy of health counseling in pediatric practice.

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