Anti-nuclear factor and anti-toxoplasma antibodies detected using the Toxo-M Abbott kit

Lewin-Fouks, P.; Duong, T.H.; Karagirwa, A.; Combescot, C.

Pathologie-Biologie 38(2): 130-133


ISSN/ISBN: 0369-8114
PMID: 2179833
Document Number: 366715
The antibody capture IgM Toxo Abbott is a specific method. But serum specimens had false positive results. These serum specimens have been studied. There was no Forssman antibodies, no rheumatoid factors. The IgM level was normal but for some of them there were antinuclear antibodies and natural agglutinins. To interfare the assay, the antinuclear antibodies have to be IgM.

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