The relationship of radiologic bone structure image to mineral content and morphometric parameters of trabecular bone

Czerwiński, E.; Białas, B.; Sadlik, J.; Kobylecka, K.

Chirurgia Narzadow Ruchu i Ortopedia Polska 55(4-6): 269-275


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-479X
PMID: 1369832
Document Number: 366255
Radiographic, mineralogic and histomorphometric investigations of the distal radial metaphyses were performed in a group of 57 men who sustained sudden death. The radiographic image of bone structure was assessed by nude eye and with computerized analyses of the microdensitometric curves. Mineral in bone specimens content was estimated by Dulce method. Trabecular mineralized bone area (Vmin), osteoid area (Vos) and trabecular width (dt) were measured on undecalcified sections. Decrease of bone mineral content and Vmin were noted with the age of those investigated. This process affected the radiographic image of bone structure. The radiographic picture of bone structure depends mostly on the mineral content and to a smaller extent on histomorphometric parameters. Microdensitometric measurements make objective assessment of bone structure on the radiograph possible.

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