Intracellular alkaline phosphatase activities in myelodysplastic syndrome

Kabutomori, O.; Tokuda, M.; Inaoka, Y.; Amino, N.; Miyai, K.; Kawanishi, K.

Rinsho Byori. Japanese Journal of Clinical Pathology 38(3): 328-329


ISSN/ISBN: 0047-1860
PMID: 2348569
Document Number: 366251
We examined the intracellular alkaline phosphatase (NIAP) activities in peripheral neutrophils in 15 normal controls, 4 patients with myelodysplastic syndrome, and 4 with chronic myeloid leukemia. NIAP activities were decreased in myelodysplastic syndrome in comparing to normal controls (p less than 0.01). These data suggest that measurement of NIAP activity is useful for supporting a diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome.

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