The safe blood components for a hemophilia patient: a case report

Chuansumrit, A.; Pandhawong, S.; Tardtong, P.; Isarangkura, P.

Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 24(Suppl 1): 198-200


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-1562
PMID: 7886573
Document Number: 7895
This study comments on safe blood components prepared for a 6 year old boy with hemophilia A (F VIII:C 1.8%). He has required blood transfusion since 10 months of age and started home therapy since 3 years of age. The utilized blood components were fresh dry plasma (FDP) prepared from 8-10 selected donors who were in good health and had no risk of blood-transmitted diseases. They were parents, relatives and friends with the age ranging from 30-45 years old. The FDP would be used after the donors had at least two subsequent negative tests for anti-HIV. In addition, cryoprecipitate collected from parents by plasmapheresis was started in 1990. Twelve to fifteen bags of cryoprecipitate were collected each plasmapheresis. The blood components prepared from the selected donors is an additional management to obtain the better quality of blood. Moreover, the role of parents taking the major responsibility in the recruitment of donors will minimize the shortage of blood donors.

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The safe blood components for a hemophilia patient: a case report