Cellular immunity status in anaemia in pregnancy

Kandoi, A.; Bhatia, B.D.; Pandey, L.K.; Pandey, S.; Sen, P.C.; Satya, K.

Indian Journal of Medical Research 94: 11-15


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5340
PMID: 2071177
Document Number: 627
Fifty pregnant women (25 anaemic and 25 non-anaemic) and 20 non pregnant women (10 anaemic and 10 non-anaemic) were studied. All pregnant women delivered full term (37-41 wk) singleton babies. Maternal blood lymphocyte stimulation indices (SI) at 0 and 24 h were lower in anaemic and nonanaemic pregnant women, compared to anaemic and non-anaemic non-pregnant women. This difference was more marked in anaemic pregnant women, as compared to non pregnant anaemic women at 0 and 24 h respectively. The SI of maternal and cord blood lymphocytes were significantly lower in severely anaemic mothers both at 0 and 24 h and in those with maternal serum iron levels below 50 .mu.g/dl or maternal per cent transferin saturation was below 15 per cent. The anaemic mothers and their offspring were found to have significantly lower blastogenic response to PHA added at 24 h indicating depression of T-suppressor cell function.

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Cellular immunity status in anaemia in pregnancy