Research on the toxicity of Zoamix for chickens

Compagnucci, M.; Martone, F.; Damiano, S.

Acta Medica Veterinaria 14(3): 191-209


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-6136
PMID: 5712768
Document Number: 5708
The A.A. have proved that the Zoamix powder containing 25 % of 3.5 dinitro-ortotoluomide (Zoalene) given to young fowls in a quantity of 2 or 4 g/Kg, which is a quantity 4 or 8 times superior to the one suggested, resulting toxic. In fact it has been observed a huge nervous clinical picture characterized by in-coordination of movements, ataxy, wryneck, as well as paresis and paralysis of the limbs and anatomic-histopathologically by serious general toxicity. Furthermore the A.A. have found that the said injuries are reversible, for, stopping the administration of the drug, the animals after 1-4 days recover completely, even if the repairing of the cells is slower.

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Research on the toxicity of Zoamix for chickens