Primary echinococcosis of the genital organs

Zivkovic, J.; Gajic, V.; Pingovic, A.; Perunovic, P.

Medicinski Pregled 28(1-2): 33-34


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-8105
PMID: 1143177
Document Number: 4501
The authors have presented a case with localization of hydatid cyst on the right ovary, obturator membrane and omentum. Due to the patient's bad general health and local findings, she was examined at being under suspect of having ovary malignant tumour. The case was solved satisfactory by total extirpation of the uterus and adnexa and by resection of a portion of the omentum. Because of nonspecific clinical picture and rare primary localization of Echinococcus in the pelvis minor, it is difficult to reach the exact preoperative diagnosis, but if the principle is followed that all tumours of the adnexa, of certain size and duration, should be operated on, and if the operation is performed carefully without damaging a cyst capsule, complete recovery is obtainable.

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Primary echinococcosis of the genital organs