Growth of India's scheduled caste population, 1971-81: a spatial analysis

Gosal, R.P.

Population Geography a Journal of the Association of Population Geographers of India 12(1-2): 27-44


ISSN/ISBN: 0256-5331
PMID: 12179042
Document Number: 377015
The author analyzes the spatial distribution and the rapid growth rate of India's scheduled caste population since 1971 and finds that "there are wide regional disparities in their rates of population growth. Areas with relatively high growth rates are associated with (i) accelerated process of urbanisation and industrialisation, (ii) expansion in mining activity, and (iii) intensification and commercialisation of agricultural development based on irrigation. By contrast, areas experiencing low rates of growth are associated with (i) continuing high mortality rate, and (ii) net out-migration arising from scarcity of resources, acute poverty and subjection to deprivations...."

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