Modification by alpha-interferon of ethanol-induced changes in the level of opioid peptides in the rat striatum and hypophysis

Panchenko, L.F.; Terebilina, N.N.; Malinovskaia, V.V.; Manakhova, L.S.; Petrichenko, O.B.; Balashov, A.M.

Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii 36(3): 71-73


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-8809
PMID: 2382436
Document Number: 366681
Content of Met-enkephalin in striatum and of beta-endorphin in rat hypophysis were estimated after administration of ethanol and alpha-interferon into the animals. Ethanol decreased Met-enkephalin content in striatum and of beta-endorphin in hypophysis. Preadministration of alpha-interferon into brain ventricles before ethanol administration led to an increase in concentration of Met-enkephalin, while content of beta-endorphin was unaltered. In peripheric administration alpha-interferon normalized content of beta-endorphin in adenohypophysis but did not affect the Met-enkephalin concentration. Effects of alpha-interferon on content of Met-enkephalin and beta-endorphin, related to dissimilar organization of the opiate systems in hypophysis and striatum tissues, are discussed.

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