Changes in the functional surface markers of lymphocytes in short-term culture

Laub, R.; Wohlrab, W.

Dermatologische Monatschrift 176(2-3): 129-132


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-9083
PMID: 2365107
Document Number: 366680
Cultured human lymphocytes are a suitable system for testing pharmacological, allergological, and toxicological effects of substances in vitro. For such investigations, the knowledge about the behaviour of the test system under standardized conditions is an important prerequisite. In the 72 h short-time-culture, no changes in T-lymphocytes were found. Small decreases occurred in the subpopulations of cytotoxical/suppressor cells, and inducer/helper cells, respectively. Number of cells expressing class II antigens of the main histocompatibility complex decreases, too (to 62%). Tritium thymidine incorporation rates inform about DNA-synthesis.

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