The effect of ascorbic acid on the breakdown of arachidonate 15-hydroperoxide in the presence of iron salts and complexes

Stoianovski, D.A.; Kagan, V.E.; Afanas'ev, I.B.

Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 110(11): 475-478


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-9615
PMID: 2128036
Document Number: 366298
The decomposition of 15-hydroperoxide of arachidonic acid initiated by iron and some of its complexes in the presence of ascorbate was studied using UV-absorbing measurements of conjugated dienes. The kinetics of 15-HPAA decomposition by Fe++ and Fe+(+)-EDTA was very fast and could not be registered using conventional spectrophotometry. In the presence of ascorbate addition of Fe or its complexes with EDTA and resulted in 15-HPAA decomposition, which could be measured by the changes in the UV absorption. The decomposition rate was dependent on the amount of ascorbate oxidation products formed. Preincubation of ascorbate with iron prevented the 15-HPAA decomposition by Fe++ or its complexes.

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