The current focus on cardiovascular growth in arterial hypertension

Díez, J.

Revista Clinica Espanola 187(6): 292-297


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-2565
PMID: 2091095
Document Number: 366137
Recent data have demonstrated that together with an impulsive-conductive function, the cardiovascular system is an organ that synthesizes and secretes several substances involved in the local regulation of its properties. This is the case of endothelial cells and cardiovascular myocytes which produce vasoactive substances and growth factors capable of modulating intra-, auto-, and paracrinally cardiovascular contractility and growth. It is currently postulated that different genetic or acquired abnormalities in the production of one or more than one of these substances and/or in the response to them, could provoke an excessive increase and/or a disordered growth of the cardiovascular muscles cells. At the same time, both abnormalities could contribute to the initiation and the development of arterial hypertension. The new antihypertensive drugs could be targeted to the cardiovascular endocrine systems.

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