Homograft tympanoplasty: the Iowa experience

Foggia, D.A.; McCabe, B.F.

American Journal of Otology 11(5): 307-309


ISSN/ISBN: 0192-9763
PMID: 2240170
Document Number: 366043
Homograft tympanic membranes have been used in tympanoplasty for nearly 30 years. Reported anatomical success rates vary from 50 to 100 percent. One hundred and one homograft tympanoplasty procedures were performed at the University of Iowa over the 10-year period of July 1978 through June 1988. The anatomical success rate was 76 percent. Hearing results were satisfactory in 86 percent of cases. The homograft tympanic membrane, with or without ossicles, has proven to be a highly satisfactory modality for the reconstruction of the severely ravaged middle ear.

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