Role of beta-2-mimetic agents in the treatment of asthma

Clauzel, A.M.; Rifai, N.; Vergnaud, A.; Bony, C.; Michel, F.B.

Allergie et Immunologie 22(9): 377-382


ISSN/ISBN: 0397-9148
PMID: 1981829
Document Number: 366042
Recent modifications of pre existing Beta 2 drugs and new substances with a prolonged bronchodilator effect may improve asthmatic treatment, in term of duration of benefit and compliance to medication. Evaluation of bronchodilation is still debated. When single dose of drug is administered, nycthemeral rhythm, baseline pulmonary function are to be taken in account. In case of long term treatment studies, evaluation of the effects is based upon clinical score, sequential pulmonary function tests, morning and evening peak expiratory flow rates. Risks way be related to be related to beta 2 drugs or concomitant therapy or associated pathology. Indications of dose and route administration are related to asthma severity. Question to state if beta 2 drugs may be considered as prevention treatment. Studies with compounds exhibiting prolonged bronchodilating effect are able to reduce nocturnal asthma, peak flow instability and to improve clinical scores and pulmonary function.

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