Transcription of Drosophila MDG4 mobile element under hyperthermic conditions

Liubomirskaia, N.V.; Arkhipova, I.R.; Il'in, I.V.

Genetika 26(10): 1720-1728


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
PMID: 1704338
Document Number: 366008
The Drosophila melanogaster cultured cells were subjected to stable transformation by cotransfection with two plasmids, one of which conferred G418 resistance and the second contained the Drosophila retrotransposon MDG4 (gypsy) under control of different promoter fragments of the heat shock protein gene hsp70. Transcription of these constructs as well as of the endogenous gypsy was examined in the conditions of heat shock. Active degradation of preexisting MDG4 transcripts is observed after heat shock. Transcription of MDG4 is restored during recovery but its termination and/or 3' end processing becomes aberrant.

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