Multivariate analysis for the understanding of typical diabetic hemostasis criteria. 1: Plasma markers

Syrbe, G.; Schröder, H.; Keil, E.; Jütte, A.

Folia Haematologica 117(5): 717-723


ISSN/ISBN: 0323-4347
PMID: 1709905
Document Number: 366007
In 309 patients investigations were made into the functions of blood coagulation with special consideration of numerous metabolic criteria. They referred to 111 healthy control persons and 198 patients with diabetes mellitus, 67 of them being of type I and 131 of type II. From a variety of metabolic characteristics and haemostasis optimal criteria were determined by means of the statistical method of multivariance analysis, which enables a distinction to be made between diabetics of type I, type II and healthy persons. Among those 13 characteristics detected as optimal amount there were thrombin time, thrombin coagulase time as parameter of haemostasis both before and after venous congestion, reptilase time prior to venous congestion and fibrinogen concentration after it. Thus, these coagulation factors indicate a different behaviour in both types of diabetes and in healthy control persons.

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