Studies on lactation and dietary habits of the Nilgiri Hill tribes

Belavady, B.; Pasricha, S.; Shankar, K.

Indian Journal of Medical Research 47(2): 221-233


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5340
PMID: 13653754
Document Number: 2764
1. The results of an investigation on the food habits, diet intake,Jactation customs,,chemiCO composition of breast milk and infant weaning practices prevalent among the four Nilgiri hill tribes, viz. Todas; Kotas, Irulas, and Kurumbas are discussed. 2. The food habits of all the tribes were similar and resembled in general those observed in the low socio-economic group of South India. The intake of calories among Todas of all age groups and Kota adults was considered satisfactory. However, the protein intake in members. of both the tribes was found to be slightly low. The calorie and protein intake of Irulas and Kurumbas was found deficient. 3. Majority of the women in tribes studied, were found to breast-feed their infants for periods up to 2 to 3 years. Supplementary foods were started invariably in the earlier half of first year and the impression was gained that the supplements were of poor quality. 4. The chemical composition of the breast milk with regard to the proximate principles was found to be generally similar to that of the poor South Indian women.

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Studies on lactation and dietary habits of the Nilgiri Hill tribes