Poultry: principles of disease control. I. Production of specified pathogen-free stock by management-environment control

Cooper, D.M.

Veterinary Record 86(14): 388-396


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-4900
PMID: 5465066
Document Number: 21334
This paper describes the production of specific-pathogen-free chicks at the research station over a five-year period. The birds are housed in commercial-type, controlled environment houses, and the aim has been to eliminate, by management, infectious bronchitis, avian encephalomyelitis. M. gallisepticum, Staph. aureus, Salmonella and pathogenic strains of E. coli. The flock has been freed from M. gallisepticum, salmonella and CELO virus; it has also been possible to produce RIF-free birds.

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