Fertility parameter for young bulls

Bach, S.; Haase, H.; Stemmler, K.H.

Monatshefte für Veterinärmedizin 25(3): 92-94


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-9263
PMID: 5512087
Document Number: 19374
Investigations were made on 11-mth-old fattening bulls in 12 sire groups and on young breeding bulls prior to licensing. There was no significant difference between sire groups in circumference of the testes. Growth of the testes was significantly greater in 33 German Simmental than in 177 German Black Pied young bulls. There were significant correlations of 0.16 between length of testes and ejaculate density, and of 0.11 between circumference of testes and ejaculate density.

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