Subcutaneous zygomycosis in children: 2 case reports

Mahamaytakit, N.; Singalavanija, S.; Limpongsanurak, W.

Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand 97 Suppl. 6: S248-S253


ISSN/ISBN: 0125-2208
PMID: 25391201
Document Number: 15057
Basidiobolus ranarum is an uncommon subcutaneous zygomycosis mostly found in immunocompetent children in tropical countries. Presence of slow growing non-tender, non-inflammatory, subcutaneous swelling that does not spread beyond the subcutaneous tissue are classic clinical features. The authors report two cases of subcutaneous zygomycosis which tissue cultures were positive for Basidiobolus ranarum. The first case was a 10-months-old boy presented with prolonged high fever and a rapidly expanding ulcerated plaque unresponsive to systemic antibiotic. The second case was a 2-years-old girl presented with slow expanding mass at the buttock. Histopathology of both cases showed lobular panniculitis with eosinophilic infiltration and fungal culture revealed Basidiobolus ranarum. Oral itraconazole was given with good clinical response in both cases.

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