Pederasty, blood shedding and blood smearing: men in search of mommy's feared powers

Atlas, J.

Journal of Psychohistory 28(2): 116-149


ISSN/ISBN: 0145-3378
PMID: 11855429
Document Number: 7300
Hopefully, readers will not have overly suffered through this litany of horrors. The intended result should be a heightened awareness of the universality of child abuse, particularly as it influenced the penchant for manboy intercourse. Centered around blood and mommy's mysterious reproductive powers, long feared by men worldwide, this sexual abuse of boys and young men by older men (who had, themselves, been abused) reflected a desired gender reversal designed to subsume women's feared powers and increase male control. In all the civilizations discussed and, if time had permitted, in all civilizations, evidence abounds proving this fundamental archaic memory and fear. The Romans (until the first century AD) indicated that one of their differences from the Greeks was that they didn't sexually use their own boys. How, they reasoned, could they expect to become the self-reliant conquerors of the world, to regere imperio populos, romane, memento [to impose one's will, subjugate everyone, dominate the world], if they had been buggered in their childhood?137 This belief allowed them to praise themselves for sexually abusing slaves and conquered enemies. Perhaps readers may fathom the consequential difference in their actions but I can only see endless, replicated abuse. Anyway, after Tiberius' many adventures with little noble boys swimming around him in his oversized tub (he preferred those who had yet to be weaned so that they could amuse him with oral sex), the Romans wholeheartedly embraced their own children. As with all civilizations, the debate about whether homosexuality existed notwithstanding, human history reveals the frequent unwillingness and inability of men to restrain themselves from sexually abusing children. Laws and rationalizations aside, this was replicated pederasty (learned in childhood). It doesn't really matter whether there was pleasure derived or societal justification to follow, it was still pederasty.

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Pederasty, blood shedding and blood smearing: men in search of mommy's feared powers