Levocabastine versus cetirizine for perennial allergic rhinitis in children

Arreguín Osuna, L.; García Caballero, R.; Montero Cortés, M.T.; Ortiz Aldana, I.

Revista Alergia Mexico 45(3): 7-11


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-5151
PMID: 9718972
Document Number: 7075
To compare the efficacy and safety of levocabastine nasal spray asid cetirizine oral for the treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis in children. In this randomized, prospective experimental, open clinical trial. We studied 30 children with ages between 6 and 16 years with perennial allergic rhinitis. Group 1, 17 subjects (7 female, 10 male) received cetirizine once daily, 5 mg children weientig less dian 30 k asid 10 mg in children weighing more trw' 30 k during 15 days. Group 2, 13 subjects (7 male, 6 female) received levocabastine 2 puffs BID on each nostril during tbe same time. A nasal symptoms score, nasal peal: flow vid eosinophils in a nasal smear were performed before and after treatment. There were no statistical differences in age, weight, height and arid duration of symptoms. Both groups showed improvement of symptoms via nasal peak flow with no differences between them (intergroup); nasal eosinophils remained unchanged. We for third statistical differences pre vid postreatment in each group (intragroup): Group 1, nasal congestion p = 0.002, ocular itch p = 0.01, sneezing p = 0.007, nasal secretion p = 0.01, nasal itch O = 0.009, total points O = 0.0005. Group 2, nasal congestion O = 0.02, ocular itch p = 0.05, sneezing p = 0.01, nasal secretion p = 0.01, nasal itch p = 0.04, total points p = 0.005. Significant differences were found in nasal peal' flow in Group 1 (p = 0.01) but no differences in eosinophils between file two groups. Side effects: 3 subjects in Group 1 (drowsiness, 1 appetite increase said 1 rhinorrea with epistaxis) vide 1 in Group 2 sensation of facial edema. Bofil drugs are effective the clinical relief of symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis in children vied levocabastine has less side effects.

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Levocabastine versus cetirizine for perennial allergic rhinitis in children