Assessment of anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and neuro-pharmacological activities of Cyperus rotundus Linn

Ahmad, M.; MahayRookh, -; Rehman, A.B.; Muhammad, N.; Amber, -; Younus, M.; Wazir, A.

Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 27(6 Spec No.): 2241-2246


ISSN/ISBN: 1011-601X
PMID: 26045387
Document Number: 678621
This article reports the assessment of anti-inflammatory, antiulcer and neuropharmacological activities of crude extract of Cyperus rotundus. The plant exhibited significant property to act as an anti inflammatory agent. In experimental design, inflammation was produced by carrageenan in rats and compare with saline treated and Aspirin treated group. Simultaneously the drug was also observed for its antiulcer response and found effective enough (these two activities were observed at the dosage of 300mg/kg and 500mg/kg). The anti ulcer activity was observed 41.2% as a dosage of 500mg/kg. Neuropharmacological activities (open field, head dip, rearing traction and forced swimming test) were also observed at 300 and 500mg/kg of C. rotundus extract. The crude extract showed mild decreased in all test and exhibited slight muscle relaxant effect. Powder drug studies and FTIR analysis were performed for the authentication of C. rotundus.

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