Solitary rectal ulcer (a case report)

Zanghì, G.; Crescimanno, R.; Brancato, G.; Parrinello, V.; Donati, A.

Annali Italiani di Chirurgia 66(2): 257-262


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-469X
PMID: 7668503
Document Number: 5758
The solitary rectal ulcer is a rare disease localized not only in the rectum but in other colonic tracts. It more frequently appears in female, the age preferred by the disease is the one between twenties and thirties. The 68% of ulcers is localized in the anterior wall of rectum and her length varies from 4 to 15 cm. The S.R.U. is a benign chronic disease that does not pass the muscularis mucosae, originated by an alteration of the mechanism of defecation with a prolapse of mucosa. Nowadays the therapy must by addressed to treat the prolapse and not the ulcer. The Authors report a case recently observed and after a review of the literature, analyze anatomo-clinic, etiopathogenetic and therapeutic aspects of the disease.

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Solitary rectal ulcer (a case report)