Sexual dysfunctions with antidepressive drugs--results of a physician survey

Kunz, R.; Leuthold, A.; Buddeberg, C.

Praxis 87(18): 610-616


ISSN/ISBN: 1661-8157
PMID: 9623331
Document Number: 485243
In a survey throughout Switzerland 7.455 general practitioners and psychiatrists were mailed a questionnaire addressing topics in sexual medicine with regard to antidepressant medication, 940 completed questionnaires (response rate 12.5%) were evaluated. 77.6% of the responders agree that knowledge in sexual medicine is important or very important. Only one half of the physicians judge their competence in sexual medicine as fair or good. There are differences in sexual history taking between general practitioners and psychiatrists; the latter addressing more frequently sexual medicine related questions. Sexual dysfunction before and during therapy with antidepressants is observed less frequently than reported in other studies. Only half of the physicians counsel their patients when sexual dysfunction occur during therapy. Treatment strategies of antidepressant induced sexual side effects are rarely seen. The results emphasize the importance of knowledge and competence in sexual medicine for general practitioners and psychiatrists, both showing interest in continuing education on this topic.

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