Overexpression of amyloid precursor protein of Alzheimer's type in brains of intoxicated children

Maślińska, D.; Kałuza, J.

Folia Neuropathologica 33(3): 129-133


ISSN/ISBN: 1641-4640
PMID: 8705279
Document Number: 454171
The coincidence of neuronal stress induced by intoxication and an overexpression of amyloid precursor protein (APP) in the brains of children was examined. Brains of ten children accidentally intoxicated by poisonous mushroom were studied by means of immunohistochemical methods using monoclonal antibodies generated against different domains of APP and glial cell markers. Overexpression of APP was found in the brain neurons of all intoxicated children. Neurons were immunopositive with the antibodies generated against the middle (amyloid beta protein) domain of APP. No extracellular deposits were found in the tissue. Our results provided, for the first time, the evidence that overexpression of APP concomitant with the neuronal stress is age-independent phenomenon appearing not only in the brain of adults but in very young individuals as well.

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