Primary oesophageal tuberculosis

Sinha, S.N.; Tesar, P.; Seta, W.; Sengupta, S.K.

British Journal of Clinical Practice 42(9): 391-394


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-0947
PMID: 3254257
Document Number: 4503
A case of primary tuberculosis of the oesophagus in a Melanesian male in his early 30s is reported. The patient presented with dysphagia. Barium swallow showed intramural oesophageal diverticulosis. Diagnosis was made on histological examination of the endoscopic biopsy specimen. Treatment involved anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy, and staged oesophageal bypass with gastric interposition and oesophagectomy. The pathological, clinical and radiological features of oesophageal tuberculosis and its management are reviewed.

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Primary oesophageal tuberculosis