The efficacy of oxamniquine in selective population chemotherapy in Ethiopia

Birrie, H.; Abebe, F.; Ayele, T.

Ethiopian Medical Journal 33(4): 235-241


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-1755
PMID: 8674489
Document Number: 443066
Oxamniquine, at 40 mg/kg body weight, was used in a pilot schistosomiasis control programme in an endemic community in Ethiopia. After mass screening of the population using Kato's thick smear method, 1556 positive patients were treated in divided doses over two consecutive days. However, only 1183 (76%) persons completed the total dose. Three months later stool examination of about 20% of those who completed the total dose showed a cure rate of 68% and a significant reduction in the geometric mean egg counts. In those still positive redistribution of grades of infection took place; heavy infection, > 800 egg count per gram (epg), was reduced from 22.7% to 7.9% (p < .001) and light infection increased from 27.7% to 57.3% (p < .001) and light infection increased from 27.7% to 57.3% (p < .0001). The implications of this experience in the control of schistosomiasis in Ethiopia is discussed.

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