Evaluation of drug sensitivities to gastric cancers by Sdi test--study of quality control of Sdi test by simulation test

Yamauchi, M.; Kondo, T.

Human Cell 8(4): 163-172


ISSN/ISBN: 0914-7470
PMID: 8721086
Document Number: 439289
For the purpose to evaluate the feasibility of SDI test, a drug sensitivity test, against resected gastric cancer, a multiinstitutional study consisted of multiple institute, the 16th specified study was planned by Japanese Foundation for Multidisciplinary Treatment of Cancer. SDI test was performed individually in 15 institutes in Japan using surgically resected specimens from the patients with gastric cancer. The strict quality control was necessary to unify the method and the technique of this test in 15 institutes. Tumor bearing nude mice were delivered to each institute and the test was performed simultaneously. The data of test were sent by personal computer to Department of Surgery II Nagoya University. These data were estimated by two factors. One is the deviation of data in one institute and the other is the deviation of data among 15 institutes. This simulation test was continued through this study, 4 institutes could not pass this simulation test but the data from other three institute indicated excellent uniformity.

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