Antacid and anti-peptic effects of food in duodenal ulcer

Shastina, N.N.; Kazarian, A.V.; Gorshkov, V.A.

Klinicheskaia Meditsina 69(7): 50-51


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-2149
PMID: 1942975
Document Number: 378869
Actual pH level of the stomach during digestion was studied with respect to various types of food in an effort to improve diet therapy for peptic ulcer patients. The effect of digestion on gastric acidity and proteolytic activity was studied in 56 patients with ulcers of the duodenal bulb. The effects of a mixed breakfast and an all-meat breakfast were compared. It was concluded that the belief that food has an antacid effect is unfounded. The restriction of cooked meat intake by patients with ulcers is somewhat substantiated based on an increase in average indices of acidity in the antropyloric region of the stomach when only meat is consumed.

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