Distribution of serum total cholesterol in a population with varying risks of cardiovascular disease

Anderson, P.; Voss, A.; Hørder, M.

Ugeskrift for Laeger 152(8): 523-526


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-5782
PMID: 2408220
Document Number: 366948
By means of search in the literature and subsequent meta-analysis the authors have described the serum total cholesterol values in three different risk groups for cardiovascular disease. High total serum cholesterol levels were associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease. In addition, it was found that serum total cholesterol increases with age in all groups. A distinct sex difference was observed in the majority of investigations: in the age groups under 25 years and over 50 years, women have higher serum total cholesterol values than men while, in the age group 25-50 years, men have higher values than women. In addition, administration of hormones produces higher serum total cholesterol levels in young women but lower serum total levels among older women. In Danish investigations of serum total cholesterol, the level of serum total cholesterol corresponds to the serum total cholesterol levels in high and middle risk groups for cardiovascular disease.

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