Relation of structure, gas chromatographic retention data and local anesthetic activity and toxicity of piperidine ethyl esters of alkoxyphenylcarbamic acids

Hollá, M.; Perina, Z.; Sarsúnová, M.; Cizmárik, J.

Die Pharmazie 45(4): 259-262


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-7144
PMID: 2381976
Document Number: 366818
30 piperidine ethyl esters of alkoxyphenylcarbamic acids with local anaesthetic activity to be distinguished by the type of substitution of the alkoxy groups were investigated under various conditions (temperature, volume of the stationary phase) using GLC. The retention data were determined by means of usual methods and converted into Kovats-indices using a new simplified procedure. These indices were correlated with data representing local anaesthetic activity and toxicity.

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