Cutaneous lesions in POEMS syndrome. Apropos of 3 case reports and a review of the literature

Dereure, O.; Guillot, B.; Dandurand, M.; Bataille, R.; Chertok, P.; Donadio, D.; Blotman, F.; Barneon, G.; Guilhou, J.J.

Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 117(4): 283-290


ISSN/ISBN: 0151-9638
PMID: 2164341
Document Number: 366732
We present three new cases of POEMS syndrome with the most common cutaneous signs of this entity. The syndrome is a multivisceral complex, mostly described in Japanese patients, which includes polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrine disorders, monoclonal gammopathy and skin changes. The latter are constant but sometimes reduced to one type of lesion. The most frequent are hyperpigmentation sparing the mucosae, hypertrichosis, scleroderma-like skin thickening and capillary angiomas. The other signs are much less common, as shown in table I. Histological findings are seldom reported and usually have little specificity. None of these abnormalities is pathognomonic, but their predominance at the extremities may be suggestive and leads to a search for other elements of the syndrome, notably gammopathy. The main differential diagnostic problem is with scleroderma, sometimes circumscribed and often systemic. Some cases are very ambiguous. The relationship between the two diseases would suggest the existence of one or several common pathogenic factors. The overall physiopathology of POEMS syndrome is obscure. The role of endocrine disorders in the genesis of the cutaneous signs is subject to discussion: hyperoestrogenism may explain some of these signs, but hypertrichosis is incompatible with the frequent finding of low androgen secretion. The role of one or several "toxic" substances secreted by plasmocytes is highly hypothetical. In some cases, the skin abnormalities have regressed after treatment of gammopathy, and in rare patients the recurrence of gammopathy was followed by that of skin lesions. In a few cases, a "paraneoplastic" character may be suspected.

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