Rural-urban migration of women among the urban poor in India: causes and consequences

Singh, A.M.

Social Action 28(4): 326-356


ISSN/ISBN: 0037-7627
PMID: 12337136
Document Number: 366530
The paper focuses on the social and cultural factors underlying variations in male and female patterns of rural-urban migration among the urban poor in the major cities of India. The major themes of the paper are: (1) The influence of caste and regional factors on differential sex ratios in migration streams among the urban poor. These patterns turn out to be highly consistent regardless of the distance travelled in migration; (2) The influence of female work force participation on sex ratios before and after migration, and the differences in employment opportunities for males and females within the urban occupational structure; and (3) The recently observed trend towards more equal sex ratios in migrant streams, the reasons for this, and possible consequences of such a change.

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