Evaluation of a new medium using red-cell lysate for the isolation of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli

Fernández, H.; Notario, R.; Gambande, T.; Borda, N.; Rivera, S.

Revista Argentina de Microbiologia 22(2): 79-85


ISSN/ISBN: 0325-7541
PMID: 2287716
Document Number: 366457
A semiprepared medium containing horse globular lysate was evaluated for the isolation of Campylobacter under two incubation atmospheres (5% O2 and candle jar). Studying 19 known strains of C. jejuni, 151 human and 230 animal fecal samples. They were seeded on conventional medium (MC) and on the new medium (MLG) and incubated at 42 degrees C for 24 and 48 h. Campylobacter strains grew better in 5% O2 atmosphere after 48 h of incubation. All the strains that grew or were isolated on MC, could also grow in MLG incubation in candle jar. Campylobacter was isolated from human fecal samples with the same frequency (5.3%) in MC and MLG, independently of the incubation atmosphere employed. These bacteria were isolated in 35.2% and 34.3% of the animal fecal samples seeded on Skirrow modified medium and MLG, respectively. The concordance proportion between both media was 99.13%.

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