The effect of anti-glaucoma surgery on the visual function in patients with primary glaucoma

Tsvetkova, M.K.; Babushkin, A.E.; Kolesnikova, L.N.

Vestnik Oftalmologii 106(2): 3-5


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-465X
PMID: 2368246
Document Number: 366430
Examinations of the visual field in 25 patients with Stages I and II primary open-angle glaucoma have shown that in the majority of cases surgery results in improvement of stabilization of the visual field status in respect of all its parameters (retinal sensitivity threshold, deficiency of the field and sensitivity). Increase of the number of defects and reduction of the retinal ability to discern light were observed in 5 patients: in 2 with postoperative hypotension and 3 with progressive cataracts.

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