Elevated c-myc messenger RNA in multiple myeloma cell lines

Fourney, R.; Palmer, M.; Ng, A.; Dietrich, K.; Belch, A.; Paterson, M.; Brox, L.

Disease Markers 8(3): 117-124


ISSN/ISBN: 0278-0240
PMID: 1980237
Document Number: 366421
Oncogene analyses of four human myeloma cell lines provided no indication of gene amplification or rearrangement using DNA probes for the met, raf, abl, mos, erb B, Her-2-neu, fos, myb-7, fms, L-myc, sis, and myb-1 genes. However, a consistent elevation of up to 23-fold in the level of c-myc mRNA was observed in all of the cell lines studied. No restriction fragment length polymorphism (in exons one, two, or three) or c-myc gene amplification has as yet been demonstrated to account for the c-myc mRNA elevation. The c-myc mRNA has a half-life of 25 min which is comparable to that observed in other systems. The elevation in c-myc mRNA is further evidence for the role of the c-myc proto-oncogene in the pathogenesis of myeloma.

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