Genetic characteristics of the Yakut aboriginal cattle and its hybrids

Ukhanov, S.V.; Berendiaeva, Z.I.; Kovalenko VPGF; Istomin, A.A.

Genetika 26(3): 525-530


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
PMID: 2354786
Document Number: 366414
Materials are presented concerning the analysis of blood groups in the Yakutsk aboriginal cattle (n = 960) and its hybrids (n = 145) bred in Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk regions of Yakutskaya ASSR with respect to the problems of its origin. The genetic similarity of the Yakutsk cattle and its hybrids was evaluated; the cattle populations were studied in various years. The experiment also involved some hybrids bred in the northern part of the Soviet Union. The strongest similarity was found for the Yakutsk aboriginal breed and the cattle bred in Kalmytskaya and Buryatskaya Regions (0.841-0.839), i.e. those which are ascribed to the same group, according to their origin. Similarity with the Ashire and hybrids of Zebu and Black and White cattle was found to be less pronounced. The frequencies of antigens ranged from 0.2 (the antigen H") to 100% (the antigen F). The antigen frequencies were found to be higher in purebred animals, as compared to the hybrids almost within the whole antigen spectrum.

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