Comparison of DNA aneuploidy of primary and metastatic spontaneous canine osteosarcomas

Fox, M.H.; Armstrong, L.W.; Withrow, S.J.; Powers, B.E.; LaRue, S.M.; Straw, R.C.; Gillette, E.L.

Cancer Research 50(19): 6176-6178


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-5472
PMID: 2400984
Document Number: 366406
Spontaneous canine osteosarcomas were analysed for DNA aneuploidy and percentage of S phase cells using flow cytometry. A total of 64 dogs with osteosarcoma metastases were analysed, of which 5 had >1 aneuploid population present. In 48, biopsies were obtained from the primary tumour and subsequent metastases. The DNA index distributions from the primary tumours and the metastases were quite similar. However, when individual tumours and metastases derived from them were compared, many cases had different ploidy values, indicating that metastatic clones may be derived from more than one initial cell. In analysis of tumour cells for percentage of S phase, diploid metastases had <7% S phase cells, whereas aneuploid metastases had up to 40% S phase cells. There was a direct correlation between the DNA index and the percentage of S phase in the metastases. The use of spontaneous canine tumours as an experimental system to provide further information on the natural progression of cancer in vivo is discussed.

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