Clinical value of determining the levels of renin, aldosterone and vasopressin in newborn infants in critical conditions

Antonov, A.G.; Baĭbarina, E.N.; Volobuev, A.I.; Kiseleva, Z.M.; Tsybul'skaia, I.S.; Burkova, A.S.; Evteeva, N.V.

Pediatriia 10: 8-12


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-403X
PMID: 2284186
Document Number: 366225
The concentrations of aldosterone, vasopressin and plasma renin activity were measured in cord blood and on days 1, 3 and 5 of life in 71 newborn infants from the risk group at the development of critical conditions. Vasopressin was discovered to play a substantial role in the development of critical conditions. The lack of a considerable vasopressin ejection in response to a delivery trouble and the growth of its concentration by day 5 of life are prognostically unfavourable. Hyperactivity of the renin-aldosterone system determines the newborns' proneness to liquid and sodium retention.

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