The influence on tumor growth and the function of the thiol-dependent systems of the liver of excess cooking fat and vitamin e in the diet. the effects of carminomycin

Tazhibaev, S.S.; Lenskaia, E.G.; Alekseeva, N.R.; Sisemalieva, Z.S.; Monakhov, B.V.

Voprosy Pitaniia 3: 47-51


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-8833
PMID: 2399682
Document Number: 366193
A study was made of the influence of excessive culinary fat in the diet containing 30% of trans-isomers and tocopherol on tumor growth, parameters of antitumor and toxic action of carminomycin, and the state of thiol-dependent defensive systems of the liver. The data obtained have evidenced a negative influence of the experimental ration on the survival of the tumor-carriers and on the condition of the normal animals. Activation of the glutathion S-transferase system attended by the exhaustion of the thiol pool in the liver was recorded. Carminomycin toxic action was not modified by the experimental diet.

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