Mapping of the c-region of the temperate phage 59 of Erwinia carotovora 268

Didyk, O.A.; Mukvich, N.S.; Iagovdik, M.V.; Kishko, I.G.

Molekuliarnaia Genetika Mikrobiologiia i Virusologiia 3: 24-26


ISSN/ISBN: 0208-0613
PMID: 2362599
Document Number: 366103
The present communication deals with the genetic mapping of the temperate bacteriophage 59 immunity region. Morphological mutants of the c-type of the temperate bacteriophage 59 were isolated after UV-treatment of the phage. Complementation analysis of 36 c-mutants has shown that the bacteriophage 59 c-region consists of at least four genes responsible for the establishment of lysogenization. The two-factor crosses were used to determine the mutual positions (order and distances) of the c-mutations. The order of the c-genes is C1--C3--C2--C4. The three c-genes are localized in a short region of the phage 59 chromosome, but the fourth gene is located in the separate locus.

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