Rapid diagnosis of rabies by the ELISA method. its application in Madagascar: advantages and disadvantages

Morvan, J.; Mouden, J.C.; Coulanges, P.

Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar 57(1): 193-203


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-2495
PMID: 2078080
Document Number: 366003
ELISA technique in the rabies rapid diagnosis is compared with other methods used in the PASTEUR Institute of MADAGASCAR (immunofluorescence, mouse inoculation, and histopathology). The results of the comparative study of 80 samples of suspect animals show that ELISA sensibility is better than immunofluorescence one. Sensibility, specificity and viability of ELISA are comparable with those of the two confirmation techniques. In MADAGASCAR, ELISA is adapted to testing samples not conserved in good conditions, exposed to heat, after a big travelling time. It is to be hoped that samples are numerous to control rabies: in this condition price of ELISA is not expensive.

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